Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Bihada Ichizoku Black Rose Mask

Bihada Ichizoku is a young brand by the cosmetics company Love Labo, developed by former model and writer Yuko Shibamoto. Bihada first appeared as a mobile novel on Girlswalker in 2006 and the following year, Sheet masks in association with the novel were later sold for a limited time on the same mobile site. The sheet masks sold out in one day and over 60,000 masks were purchased. The success of Bihada Ichizoku led to an array of skincare and makeup products.


Bihada Ichizoku uses manga characters drawn in the bishoujo 70s to early 80 style on their packaging to attract women in their 20s and 30s to their products. I admit, when I first saw their sheet masks, I felt a wave of nostalgia. I was immediately reminded of The Rose of Versailles and Macoto's artwork, as well as other anime I used to watch and manga I used to read when I was a little girl. So sucessful in their marketing, Bihada Ichizoku has also published a manga how to makeup book, included manga in their sheet mask products, and ran an anime based on their characters on TV Tokyo just last October.


When I was at Ainz/Tulpe a while ago, I picked up their most popular sheet mask (as well as Ainz/Tulpe's top selling mask) which is the Kurobara Kamen or "Black Rose Mask" sheet mask and I purchased their 3rd anniversary box during my New Years shopping. The packing of the Bihada Ichizoku Black Rose Mask isn't just black; the sheet mask itself is black. It contains moisturizing ingredients, such as artichoke essence, alpha arbutin (a skin whitening agent), and walteria indica, that brighten and soften the skin. All you have to do is wear the mask 5-15 minutes after cleansing your face. It stays on quite well and it's not too large. Despite my ultra sensitive skin, I didn't have an adverse reaction to the Black Rose Mask and I even think it might have reduced some of the redness from the sun and cold burn I got the day before. The mask definitely left my face soft and hydrated but essence that was left was sticky, even hours later. It was also difficult to unfold the mask before applying it to my face because it was thin and delicate, and the essence made it stick together . Still, it's a great mask and it's no wonder that so many women continue to purchase Bihada Ichizoku's products.



Eka said...

Great review! I've been wanting to try this out for quite sometime now. I'll definitely buy this when I've finally decided what to buy on jpmon. I was just wondering if its okay to use a facial cleanser, like a foam one, after using this mask. I'm not a big fan of a sticky face. hehe But maybe it would be okay since I might use this before I go to bed. I'm confused... :( But, really great review! :)

En エヌ said...

Thank you for commenting!

I would wait maybe at least an hour after removing the mask, allowing everything to sink into your skin before using a cleanser. Be sure to use a moisturizer, too, since your face may dry out from washing it twice within a short period. You're really supposed to let the essence dry rather than cleanse your face again but I cannot stand a sticky face either so I sometimes use a gentle cleanser afterwards.

If you're going to put the mask on right before you go to bed then washing your face isn't necessary. But if you have very dry skin like myself, the essence may dry out your skin during the night.

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