Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Lunasol Water Cream Foundation and Creamy Makeup Base

I recently tested out Lunasol's Water Cream Foundation and Creamy Makeup Base. The Creamy Makeup Base is a primer made specifically for the cream foundation. It is a a pink-colored base that applies sheer or slightly white (pearl-pigmented according to Lunasol's website) like most other makeup primers. However, it is much smoother than all others I've tried and quite light. Although it is supposed to be moisturizing, like most makeup bases, it is slightly drying. The skin on my cheeks became a bit flaky after the base set in and I think a more moisturizing makeup base would be ideal. (I wonder how the Control Makeup Base in 01 Moisture would work with the cream foundation.)

最近ルナソルのウォータークリームファンデーションクリーミィメイクアップベースを使ってみました。クリーミィメイクアップベースはクリ—ムファンデーション専用のものです。ピンク色をしたベースで、他のブランドのベースと同じく、顔に付けるとシア、または少し白い(ルナソルのサイトではパールピグメントと言います)になります。ですが他のベースよりなめらかで軽いです。ただ、潤いを与えるはずですが、他のベースと同じで少し乾燥します。ベースが乾いたら、ほっぺたが少しぽろぽろになりまして、多分もっと潤いを持つベースが必要だったと思います。(コントロールメイクアップベースの01 Moistureならクリームファンデーションと合うかもしれません。)

The Creamy Foundation sample I received was again in OC02 (Ochre), but was surprisingly lighter in color than the OC02 Modeling Water Liquid Foundation I tested last week. It was still very yellow, even though Lunasol offers YO (Yellow Ochres) shades in addition to the OC shades (which makes me wonder just how yellow the YOs are), and too dark for me. The Cream Foundation also felt much lighter than the liquid foundation and though it did not provide as much coverage, it looked much more natural. According to Lunasol, it contains 60% moisture and it was more moisturizing than everything else I've ever tried. It also applied very smooth and even. My only complaint is that my cheeks were still slightly flaky even with the cream foundation, but I believe this was the fault of the makeup base. If Lunasol did have a cream foundation in my skin shade, I would pick it up in a heartbeat.


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