Friday, 23 January 2009

Lunasol Liquid Foundation and Control Makeup Base

On February 20th, Lunasol will release their 10th Anniversary Base Makeup Kit and 10th Anniversary Makeup Palette. The Base Makeup Kit contains:
Modeling Water Liquid Foundation (6 colors available)
Control Makeup Base in either 01 (Moisture) 02 (Lighting) or 03 (Clear),
Nuance Change Foundation 01,
Under Eyes Base N 01,
Micro Finish Powder N 02,
Morning Wakening Massage N and Night Refining Cream.
all in an original Lunasol bag for 8,925 yen (tax included).

モデリングウォーターリキッドファンデーション (全6色)
コントロールメイクアップベース 01 (Moisture) 02 (Lighting) か 03 (Clear)
アンダーアイズベースN 01
モーニングウェイクニングマッサージN と ナイトリファイニングクリーム

I recently tested out Lunasol's Modeling Water Liquid Foundation and the Control Makeup Base in 02 Lighting. The Makeup Base was a skin-colored primer with fine shimmery particles that gave the foundation a light, pretty sparkle. When I first saw the base, I thought it was quite dark for a primer but when applied, it was almost sheer. Unfortunately, the shimmering particles began to dry out and flake my skin (a little) and I think this product would work better on the Normal to Oily skin type. The Control Makeup Base that I probably needed was 01 Moisture because I have dry skin and the blue would help diffuse the redness in my cheeks.


Because I was using samples, I didn't have a choice in the foundation color that I received and the color I tested out was OC2, the second lightest shade. It was much too dark for me and it looked as though I had a applied a very dark, yellow mask. In fact, the makeup base was much closer to my natural hue which leads me to believe that the lightest foundation shade available, OC01, would still be too dark for me. This is a shame because the foundation applied very even and provided great cover. Though liquid foundations tend to dry out and cake on my skin, the foundation remained smooth. Yet again, Lunasol proved itself to be a quality cosmetics company. Even if they don't offer a foundation shade that suits me, I am definitely willing to try their other base makeup products.


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