Monday, 12 January 2009

Yojiya at Isetan

I went to Isetan's Shinjuku store to check out the latest products from Yojiya and the Yojiya cafe. Because they were only there for a limited time, it was incredibly crowded and I never had a chance to try out the cafe. Even the check out line was long and there were maybe ten different registers at the counter.


Point makeup products, base makeup products, skincare products, tools, and many accessories were on display. Most women were interested in the oil-blotting paper ("aburatorigami") which is what Yojiya is most famous for and I picked up a small catalog of their makeup products to see what else they were offering.


I bought a few items for friends and myself but I did not purchase any of their makeup products. I was interested in the new, wisteria-colored lip gloss but it was very sticky despite its pretty shimmer. (I think Lunasol's upcoming Lucent Purple lip gloss may be a better buy). The lip colors and eye shadows were very pigmented but there wasn't a color that interested me. The face powers looked quite beautiful and I would have loved to have one in "snow" or "ice," but sadly, I am allergic to some of their ingredients. I did pick up a face puff, however, and some yuzu oil-blotting paper.

友人へのお土産や自分に物を少し買いましたが、メーク商品は買いませんでした。ようじやの新しい藤色のリップグロスに興味がありました。綺麗に輝きましたがベタベタしました。(Lunasolのこれから発売になるLucent Purpleのグロスの方がいいかもしれません。)口紅やアイシャドウはとても鮮やかで発色も良かったですが、欲しい色はなかったです。フェイスパウダーは素敵で、雪の色と氷の色は特に好きでしたが、皮膚病でアレルギーがある原料が入っているので使えません。しかし、フェイスパフを買いまして、ゆずの油取り紙も買いました。

Yojiya's regular oil-blotting paper is like most oil-blotting papers you come across in Kyoto. They come in packs of thin sheets and are somewhat smooth compared to the thicker varieties. The Yuzu paper is even smoother, however. Sometimes oil-blotting paper can be a bit rough on the skin and leave it a little dry. The Yuzu keeps my face smooth and is much better than anything else I've ever tried. This is definitely my favourite oil-blotting paper ever and I highly recommend it to anyone interested.


Even though I cannot use some of their products, I am very happy that Yojiya is still around. While there are other Japanese cosmetics companies producing traditional Japanese beauty products, few are as old and as extensive as Yojiya.


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