Friday, 9 January 2009

Nivea Creamy Milk

The temperature recently dropped here in Tokyo and ever since I started using the heater, my arms and legs have been itchy like crazy. The Nivea lotion (Skin Milk light) I usually use during the warmer seasons just wasn't cutting it and I needed something new to take care of my dry skin. Instead of picking up the heavier version of the Skin Milk lotion, I decided to try Nivea's Creamy Milk body lotion which was just released.


The Creamy Milk body lotion contains shea butter and has a soft floral scent. One of the reasons why I use Nivea products is because they are usually fragrance-free, so I was disappointed to find that the new lotion had a floral scent that smelled a bit soapy. (I also wonder why they didn't mention the fragrance on the front of the product instead of on the back of the bottle with all the other small text.) Although floral scents can be nice, they usually don't work out very well. My skin is noticeably less dry and the shea butter has kept it smooth but I still regret choosing this new product over the heavier version of Skin Milk.


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