Saturday, 31 January 2009

Lunasol Skin Fusing Powder Foundation and Smoothing Makeup Base

The last foundation from Lunasol left to review is the Skin Fusing Powder Foundation. Before applying the powder foundation, I used Lunasol's Smoothing Makeup Base. Unlike the other makeup primers, the Smoothing Base is a sheer, gel-cream that acts as a moisturizing lotion. It is best suited for dry skin. Out of all of Lunasol's makeup bases, this was my favourite. It hydrated and "smoothed" the skin, helping prevent the foundation from drying and flaking off.


The Skin Fusing Powder Foundation, which came in OC2, was similar to the cream foundation in that it was lighter in both color and coverage compared to the liquid foundation. In fact, it might be the most sheer out of all of the foundation types though it still provides a decent amount of coverage. The texture is fine and smooth and blends well into the skin. Overall, I would say that the quality is excellent and I would definitely recommend this foundation to anyone looking for powder-type base makeup. However, the ochre (OC) for the powder foundation does have a yellow hue (like all other Lunasol foundations) and may not be suitable for those with pink undertones.


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