Friday, 13 March 2009


新しい美容品やトレンドを発見するために美容雑誌Voceやマキアを読みますが、結構ファッション雑誌も読みます。毎月必ずSPURHigh Fashionを買いますが、最近「25ans」(ヴァンサンカン、フランス語では「25歳」)という雑誌を読んでいます。20代のソーシャライトとても裕福な家庭のお嬢様の購読者を中心、出ている服はパリス・ヒルトンや森泉(ハナエモリの孫)しか手に入れることができないような物ばっかりですが、スタイリングはとてもシックで綺麗です。今の流行っているCanCamPINKYの可愛いお姉系よりエレガントで洗練されてます。色の組み合わせは本当にゴージャス。メイク、ヘアスタイル、アクセサリーもとても素敵です。

In order to keep up with the latest beauty trends and products, in addition to reading beauty magazines such as Voce and MAQUIA, I follow several fashion magazines. Every month I always make sure to get my hands on SPUR and High Fashion but recently, I have been reading "25ans" (Vingt-cinq ans, "25 years old" in French). Although the magazine's main target is socialite heiresses, featuring clothing that only Paris Hilton or Izumi Mori (Hanae Mori's granddaughter) could afford, the styling in 25ans is absolutely wonderful. Unlike the CanCan and PINKY "onē-kei" cute-look popular among Japanese women right now, 25ans is about elegance and sophistication. The color choices are stunning. The makeup, hair styles, and accessories are gorgeous.

Dark eye makeup. The eyeshadow is SUQQU's Blend Eyeshadow in 11. (From the February issue of 25ans)

Stunning lip color. Yves Saint Laurent's Gloss Pur in 4. (From the March issue of 25ans)

"How to" メイクのテクニック。(2月号の25ans)
"How to" makeup techniques. (From the February issue of 25ans)

Daimaru/Matsuzakaya and 25ans are collaborating together for this spring's Beauty-up Festival. (From the April issue of 25ans)


Because we're nearing spring, most eye and lip makeup consists of light pastels and neutral colors which make me look whitewashed. 25ans differs in that the makeup is elegant and dramatic. Colors are dark, bold, and brilliant, and the looks are similar to those that appear in advertisements by high-end European makeup brands, such as Lancôme, Chanel, and Yves Saint Laurent. But even though there is a fair amount of product information in the magazine, there are few make-up centered editorials. Still, I look forward to reading 25ans every month.

If you would like to see more, you can purchase 25ans at your local Japanese bookstore or through the Internet. (I will cover SPUR next time)


kuri said...

Very thoughtful review! I've never looked much at 25ans unless they have nice 付録 but I'll take a second look the next time I pass the magazine stand.

En エヌ said...

Thank you, kuri. =)

The latest issue of 25ans hardly mentioned any makeup products at all but they did have quite a bit of information on skincare and a whole booklet devoted to spa treatments in Japan and Hawaii. said...

Thanks for this article, really worthwhile material.

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