Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Bioré's Keana Sukkiri Pore Strips

I used to use Kao's Bioré brand pore strips when they fist came out but they were always incredibly harsh on my skin, leaving me with a red and irritated nose that took days to heal. The pore strips seems to have changed significantly since then. The strips have slits to allow for a better fit. They also stick much better than before. They are available in black , making it easier for you to see the oil and dirt removed from your pores. And they don't hardened as easily and are less irritating. The key is to let the strips dry no longer than 10 minutes and to use them no more than once a week. Do not use a toner or anything with alcohol or fragrance afterwards. The strips are still quite large and I recommend folding the ends along the edges of your nose if they are too long. I have not found a product that unclogs pores as well as the pore strips and they only costs 500-600 yen per pack of ten sheets.

(Please note that I am speaking of the Bioré strips "Keana Sukkiiri Pack" sold in Japan and not the Bioré Cleansing Pore Strips sold in the US. The ingredients of both look similar but there may be differences.)


(注意:私は日本で販売されているビオレの毛穴パック「毛穴すっきりパック」のことについてレビューしています。アメリカで売っているビオレの"Cleansing Pore Strips"とは別ものです。材料が似ているように見えますが、違いがあるかもしれません。)


Eka said...

Interesting... I've been intending to buy pore strips from either Adambeauty and Gooddealer but I'm not sure which one to pick. I hope they have this in either online shops so I can try them out too. I'm obsessed with pore strips now. What other pore strips have you tried that are worth mentioning?

En エヌ said...

The only other pore strip I've used is Kose's but that was a long time ago and I don't remember much. I think it was similar to Biore's but not quite as effective.

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