Tuesday, 17 March 2009

MAC Brow Set


Continuing the theme of well-groomed brows, I would like to review MAC's Brow Set. Brow Set is a gel-type mascara for the eyebrows that shapes and holds the shape of the brow. For those with thin or over plucked eyebrows, MAC offers tinted gels in three shades. My own eyebrows are dark and thick and adding more color would be overkill so I went with the clear Brow Set. My eyebrows are quite asymmetrical yet stubbornly straight so the Brow Set is very helpful. Although many brow gels flake or stiffen the brow too much, I've had no such trouble with MAC's product. The gel can even be used with a brow pencil so please check it out if you get a chance. 2,625 yen including tax.

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