Wednesday, 18 March 2009

TIFFA Color Gloss


At Donkey Quixote I picked up a few cosmetic items including TIFFA's Color Gloss and Treatment Lip Balm. Kanebo's TIFFA is a budget-beauty line targeting young women looking for affordable makeup and skincare items to help them look their best. The packaging is pretty and perhaps a bit princess-y, appealing to those who love cute, girly items.


The TIFFA Color Gloss is more of a tinted chapstick than an actual gloss. It does have a subtle sheen but I would not go as far as to call it gloss. It is fragrance-free and comes in two different colors: sophie-wine and peach beige. I purchased the gloss in sophie-wine which is quite pigmented and perhaps too dark for some. Despite TIFFA being a more girly-line, the Sophie-wine shade is a sophisticated, dark-raspberry hue. The gloss itself applies smooth and contains macadamia nut oil to help retain moisture and jojoba and olive oil to hydrate the lips. As a tinted chapstick, TIFFA's Color Gloss works fine but if you are looking for a glossy finish, you should look elsewhere. If you are someone who is not comfortable wearing lipstick or lipgloss but still wants to add some color to your lips, Color Gloss may be the right product for you. 480 yen including tax.

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