Monday, 30 March 2009

Shiseido d Program (NEW) Smoothing Sun Block

4月21日に資生堂dプログラムデーケアプロテクターSPF18 PA++デーケアサンスクリーンSPF32 PA++をスキンケアプロテクターとスムージングブロックに変更します。今はdプログラムのデーケアサンスクリーンを気に入って毎日使っていますので、来月から無くなると聞いてがっかりしました。でもデースキンケアサンスクリーンの入れ替え商品となるスムージングサンブロックのサンプルを貰いまして、使ってみたら新たな変更点がとても良かったと思います。スムージングサンブロックも全身(顔もボディ)にも使えますが、前の日焼け止めよりもっと強い保護力と伸びがあります。デーケアサンスクリーンはクリームタイプでしたが、新しい日焼け止めが乳液タイプですぐに肌に吸収されます。全く白みが残らず、肌を少し明るくするかもしれません。自分にはほっぺたの赤みを少し抑えて、他の問題点もちょっと隠しました。ポロポロしませんし、肌を乾燥させたりしません。メイクのベースとして使えるかもしれません。でもスムージングサンブロックの一番感動したところは、油っぽいテカリを残さないところです。日焼け止めを付けているように見えませんし、日焼け止めをしてることも感じません。4月に絶対にスムージングサンブロックを買うつもりです。資生堂がお金と時間を掛けてちゃんとリサーチをして、お客様からの声を聞き商品を新しくしてくれることはとても嬉しいことです。

On April 21st, Shiseido's d program will be replacing their Day Protector SPF18 PA+ and Day Care Sunscreen SPF32 PA++ with the Skin Up Protector SPF23 PA++ and Smoothing Sun Block SPF40 PA+++. I currently use the Day Care Sunscreen which I like quite a bit and was disappointed to hear that the product would be discontinued next month. However, I received samples of the Smoothing Sun Block, which will replace the Day Care Sunscreen, and am very pleased with the changes made. The Smoothing Sun Block, which you can use on both the face and body, lasts longer and provides more protection than the previous sunscreen. While the Day Care Screen was cream-based, the Smoothing Sun Block has a liquid base that allows for immediate absorption into the skin. It leaves no white residue though it may (subtly) brighten your skin tone. It toned down the redness in my cheeks and smoothed over some of my imperfections. It does not flake and it also does not dry out the skin. You can probably use it as a makeup primer or base. But what I like most about the Smoothing Sun Block is that it does not leave a greasy shine. It does not look like I'm wearing sunscreen and it does not feel like it, either. I will definitely purchase the Smoothing Sun Block when it comes out in April and I am so happy that Shiseido has put so much time and effort into research, listening to their customer feedback, and updating their products.

*SPF (Sun Protection Factor)はUVB波の防止効果を表す指標です。
*PA (Protection Grade of UVA)はUVA波の防止効果を表す指標です。

*SPF (Sun Protection Factor) measures the amount of protection from UVB rays.
*PA (Protection Grade of UVA) measures the amount of protection from UVA rays.


Anonymous said...

I'm very interested in the new d Program sunscreens.
I saw your article through google.
Do you have the ingredients list of smoothing sun block?
Or does it contain "stearic acid ステアリン酸" or "tocopherol トコフェロール"? (which I'm trying to avoid)
Thanks a lot! :)

En エヌ said...

Thank you for commenting.

Unfortunately, the Smoothing Sun Block contains both ステアリン酸 and トコフェロール. I haven't been able to find the ingredients for the Skin Up Protector but the product it's replacing, the Day Protector, had トコフェロール but no ステアリン酸.

Hope that helps.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for answering me so quickly!

I've added your blog in "My Favorites". :)
It's so nice that I could practice my reading in two languages, haha!!

En エヌ said...

Thank you for the nice comments!

I hope you're able to find a suncreen without those ingredients. I'll try to keep on the lookout, too.

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