Wednesday, 25 March 2009

InnerSignal Start-Up Kit


リジュブネイトマスク (一枚)


InnerSignal is currently selling a start-up kit at their online store. It comes with:

Rejuvenate Extract
Rejuvenate Milk G
Rejuvenate Base Soap b
Rejuvenate Lotion
Rejuvenate Cream G
1 Rejuvenate Mask

all in an original InnerSignal case.


I have noticed that InnerSignal skincare products tone down the redness in my face, making my complexion appear more even. Unfortunately, the lotions and creams leave my face sticky so I only use them at night. My kit came with a complementary sample of InnerSignal's Reset Make Off oil. The cleansing oil is very gentle on the skin and removes makeup well. Though it does tend to cloud the eyes like many other oil-based makeup removers, it does not sting. The attractive case that comes with the kit is snow white and of excellent quality. You can use it to store other cosmetic products. 6835yen may seem a bit pricey for a start-up kit but InnerSignal is a higher-end brand and the products are larger than your average trial kit sizes. There is enough to last for weeks.

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