Friday, 17 April 2009

ダイソー Vita White Facial Essence Mask Pack

二日前にブロガーで少し問題がありまして、私のブログはスパムと間違えられてアップ出来ませんでした。幸いにもブロガーがすぐに直してくれたのでもう大丈夫です。En in Tokyoにアップ出来なかった分を週末にアップし直したいと思います。今週リリースされた美肌一族のチョコレートシートマスクも手に入れてレビューしたいと思います。

There was a slight glitch with Blogger two days ago and my blog was mistakenly flagged for spam. Thankfully, Blogger fixed everything right away and now I'm back. I will be updating En in Tokyo on the weekend to make up for lost time.

先週末にダイソーでシートマスクを2つ買いました。1つのマスクはVita Whiteのフェイシャルエッセンスマスクパックで、もう1つはアロエのパックです。マスクは各100円で世界のシートマスク市場のトップを走る韓国産でした。材料を見たら成分にエタノールが入っていることに気付き、少し心配になりましたが、とりあえずVita Whiteの、アロエエキス、イチョウエキス、アルブチンエキスが入っているビタミンCのパックを使ってみました。パッケージを開けたらとても強いアルコールの匂いがして心配になりました。パックは20~30分間顔に貼るのですが、2~3分経ったところで顔がヒリヒリしてきたので、すぐにVita Whiteをはがして顔を洗いました。パックが肌を焼くように刺激して、顔がとても赤かったです。赤みを冷やすためにインナーシグナルのリジュブネイトエキスちふれのマスクNを付けました。次の日には顔が大分良くなりましたが、小さな赤い凹凸が顔中にありまして、ロゼケアももっと酷くなっていました。このパックはお勧め出来ませんし、アロエのパックも試す気は全くないですが、皆さんのためにアロエシートマスクの成分のスキャン画像を載せます。これは今までで一番酷いシートマスクの経験でした。

I picked up two sheet masks from the local Daiso (Japan's 100 yen shop) over the weekend. One was the Vita White Facial Essence Mask Pack and the other was the Aloe Mask. The masks were 100 yen each and made in Korea, the sheet mask capital of the world. I was a little worried when I saw ethanol in the mask ingredients but decided to go ahead and try Vita White, a Vitamin C mask containing orange extract, ginkgo and arbutin. When I opened the package, I noticed a very strong-alcohol smell which made me nervous. Although the mask is supposed to be worn for 20-30 minutes, my face began to sting after two or three minutes. I immediately removed Vita White and washed off any remaining extract. It had burned my face and my skin was extremely red. I applied InnerSignal's Rejuvenate Extract and put on Chifure's Mask N to tone down the redness and calm my skin. Although my face was much better the following morning, it was covered in tiny red bumps and my rosacea had worsened. I cannot recommend this mask and I do not feel comfortable enough to try the Aloe sheet mask but I will post a scan of the ingredients for your benefit. This was, by far, the worse sheet mask experience I have ever had.

(In other sheet mask news, Bihada Ichizoku's new Chocolate Sheet Mask was released this week.)


Eka said...

I'm sure by now you're face feels and looks better. I hope you can do a review on Bihada Ichizoku's Chocolate Sheet Mask. I really like reading reviews about their products.

En エヌ said...

I went searching for the mask last weekend but no one seemed to have it. Only one person has uploaded a photo of it on poupee so I think Love Labo is just slow in distributing their new stuff. I'm going to look for it again tomorrow. They also just came out with a new box set ("Perfect Box") that includes three masks plus the chocolate mask, three manga, and the overnight Bihada set. =)

Anonymous said...

I used the Vita White face mask and loved it! I went to the market and bought like 10 more. It was cooling when I had it on and my complexion looked a lot better after. I've used it twice already and for it's price it is awesome!

En エヌ said...

Hi Anonymous,

Thank you for sharing. =)

Wow, I'm shocked! I though the high alcohol content would irritate most skin types but I guess it might work if you don't have sensitive skin. Where were you able to find it in your country, if you don't mind me asking?

Anonymous said...

Oh I bought this a few days ago and have been using it every day, i do feel a slight burn after about 20-25 minutes but there's been no irritation, and one question, i've only been able to read about half of the ingredients so i'm not quite sure but is this a whitening mask?

En エヌ said...

Hi ellyatthedisco,

Even though the mask is called Vita White, it doesn't actually promise to whiten skin. It only claims it will relax and hydrate your skin. I guess it's supposed to be more a moisturizing/refreshing mask.

Anonymous said...

DO NOT USE THIS MASK! it contains squaline

(says chemical responsible for gulf war syndrome) EEEEEK!!!!

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