Thursday, 9 April 2009

SUQQU Extra Off Cleansing Milk


SUQQU offers four different makeup removers in their skincare line. When I purchased the Contour Shadow in Kasumizakara, I received a sample of the Extra Off Cleansing Milk. This cleansing makeup remover is massaged over the face where makeup has been used and can be wiped off with a sponge or washed off with warm water.


The Extra Off Cleansing Milk is a milk-type cleansing gel with a very faint soapy fragrance that is hard to describe. Some reviewers have complained that the milk does not do a very good job of removing makeup but I have noticed that all of these people chose to wipe off the remover. I used warm water to wash away the cleansing milk and it did an excellent job of removing my eye makeup. There was no trace of my waterproof Hypnôse mascara left and I did not have any mysterious dark spots under my eyes. The mild fragrance did not irritate my skin, either. The Extra Off Cleansing Milk was also incredibly gentle on my skin and left it very clean and hydrated. It is not foamy at all, which I realize some will not like but a cleanser does not have to be foamy to do its job well. SUQQU also offers an Extra Off Cleansing Gel which is thinner than the milk and an Extra Off Cleansing Cream which is, of course, thicker than the cleansing milk. One 150mL bottle costs 4,200 yen including tax. Once again, SUQQU proves itself to be a cosmetics brand of high quality.

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