Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Lancôme Maquiliquide UV Infinité

今月の13日にランコムがアジア限定の新しいファンデーション、マキリキッドUVアンフィニテを発売しました。ファンデーションはSPF 20でPA++無添加と水分40%です。色はPO (ピンクオークル)015、O (オークル)03と0-04、そしてBO (ベージュオークル)015、B0-01と B0-02。 B0-01のサンプルを貰いました。

On the 13th of this month, Lancôme released a new foundation, Maquiliquide UV Infinité, for their Asian market. It is SPF 20, PA++, fragrance-free and 40% moisture. The foundation comes in PO (Pink Ochre) 015, O (Ochre) 03 and 0-04, and BO (Beige Ochre) 015, B0-01, and B0-02. I received a sample of the foundation in BO-01.


The shade and yellow-base of Maquiliquide UV Infinité's BO-01 is quite close to Lunasol's OC01 Cream Foundation but just a hair darker. Though Lancôme's shades are usually on the lighter side, it seems their Asia-exclusive foundation shades have been tailored to the local market. If you are pale or very dark-skinned, you probably will not be able to find a shade that matches your skin. The foundation itself is smooth and applies easily. For those familiar with the Maquiliquide UV Perfect Forever foundation (which has be discontinued, I think), it is thicker and less runny. Despite being a liquid foundation, Maquiliquide UV Infinité dries as a powder foundation and surprisingly, did not dry out my skin or flake at all. It felt light but still provided a very good amount of coverage. Unfortunately, the foundation also did not blend into my skin and looked quite unnatural. When I washed it off, tiny red spots suddenly appeared all across my face and itched and hurt quite bad. I was allergic to something in the formula but I am not sure what caused the reaction. It's interesting because I have tried and own many Lancôme products and something like this has never happened to me before. I cannot recommend Maquiliquide UV Infinité but Lancôme offers many other foundations and one is bound to satisfy.

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