Tuesday, 7 April 2009

ちふれ (Chifure) 口紅S (Lipstick S)


Chifure is a Japanese cosmetics company devoted to producing simple and affordable skincare and makeup. All skincare products are free of dyes and fragrances and ingredients are kept to a minimum to prevent possible skin irritation. Although the brand has been around since 1968 and can be found in drugstores across Japan, Chifure is rarely talked about. Perhaps its lack of advertising and innovative design is why most seem to ignore the brand. Chifure's packaging is very understated. Shades are somewhat plain. And its very low prices may cause potential customers to think that its products are of poor quality. But Chifure should not be overlooked as I recently found out after trying the brand's Lipstick S.


Chifure's Lipstick S is sold separately from their lipstick cases and the brand offers four different cases for the lipstick. The one above is the metal case in sliver. The individual lipsticks do come with a cap so a separate case is not necessary but a good idea if you are worried that the cap may come off. Lipstick S is very pigmented. When applied, the lipstick shades look very close to how they appear in their packages but seem even more beautiful on the lips. Both 245 and 371 contain super fine sparkles but still look matte with a very slight sheen. 345 (purple pearl-base) is a very chic, hot Japanese pink, fashion-forward color. 578 (red -based) is a stunning, deep blue-red that looks great with any skin tone. It is most definitely not appropriate for work but it an amazing shade that will turn heads. 371 (purple pearl-base) is a pink-purple shade that is possibly the most subtle of the three shades (which are not very subtle) but still beautiful. Lipstick S is smooth and moisturizing on application but does tend to dry out and wear off. I highly recommend wearing a clear gloss or balm after applying the lipstick to improve its staying power. I have never thought of Chifure as a trendy cosmetics brand but I am very impressed with the pigmentation and color choices of their lipsticks. Only 315 yen including tax.


Christine said...

i just recently bought a 578 chifure lipstick and i agree with your opinion that it needs lip balm after applying. But its worth the price at 315 yen..I love the product

換妻社團俱樂部 said...


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