Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Shiseido Elixir Superieur Skin Refining Cleanser


On Feburary 21st, Shiseido's Elixir Superieur released the Skin Refining Cleanser, a new facial wash that is supposed to emulate the spa-facial experience. As with all of Elixir Superieur's products, the Skin Refining Cleanser contains collagen and elastin extract for skin brightness and elasticity. Additionally, the wash has a mixture of clay from Italy's Piedmont (Piemonte) region, vegetable cellulose, and a very fine powder to remove dead skin, unclog pores, and minimize impurities. For optimal results, according to Shiseido, the facial wash should be used no more than twice a week .


The cleanser has a thick, mud-like appearance that does remind you of the facial products used at spas. It also has a pleasant fragrance that smells like verbena. Though the Skin Refining Cleanser contains exfoliating beads, the beads are few so the facial wash is much gentler than most other exfoliating products. With a cherry-size amount of the facial wash, you make tiny circles across the face, gently massaging the facial soap against your wet skin. My face felt incredibly clean after using the Skin Refining Cleanser and my skin was much smoother, too. Though fragrance was not irritating, my skin did become a little dry as the facial wash is a heavy-duty cleanser . Because it is only used twice a week, it should not dry out your face too much even if you suffer from dry, sensitive skin. I could see myself using this product once a week or maybe once every two weeks, especially when I feel like my face needs some deep cleaning. Exilir Superieur's Sking Refining Cleanser is 2,625 yen including tax, a very reasonable price for a spa-like product.

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