Monday, 13 April 2009

IKKOさんの キレイの魔法

去年の夏、日本の一番人気メイクアップ・アーティストのIKKOさんはメイクとスキンケアの本“キレイの魔法”を出版しました。“キレイの魔法”にはメイ クのハウツー、美のアドバイス、そしてお勧めの商品紹介が掲載されています。本の最初の部分では一般的なメイクの仕方、例えば美しい自然なルックの肌に見 せるファンデーションの使い方、そして特定のテクニックと色を使ってクチュール・ルックを作る方法などが紹介されています。本の中盤ではQ&A形 式でIKKOさんがパーティーメイクやヌードリップなど、様々なビューティーのアドバイスをします。最後の部分ではメイクとスキンケアのオススメ商品に加 えて、自分の好きなサロンやスイーツ、そして日本にあるスパの紹介をしています。

Last summer, Japan's most popular makeup artist IKKO released a makeup and skincare book titled "Kirei no Mahou" (The Magic of Beauty/The Magic Behind Beauty). Kirei no Mahou includes makeup how-tos, beauty advice, and product recommendations. The beginning of the book is devoted to general makeup application, such as how to apply foundation for beautiful, natural-looking skin and how to attain different couture "looks" using specific makeup techniques and colors. The following section of Kirei no Mahou takes on a question and answer format where Ikko imparts beauty advice on party makeup, nude lips, and much more. In the final section of the book, in addition to makeup and skincare product recommendations, Ikko shares some of his favourite salons, sweets, and spas all located in Japan.

IKKOさんは本のメインモデルとしてレイチェル・ローズを起用しており、その起用は大正解だと思います。なぜなら、レイチェルはハイファッション・モデ ルという感じではなく、身近にいそうな女の子っぽい印象なので、読者の女性に受け入れられやすくなっていると感じたからです。また、レイチェルがそれぞれ のルックでとても違った印象を見せ、IKKOさんの“魔法”を使ってさらに凄く美しくなっていくのが見られて興味深いです。 

I think Ikko was very in clever in choosing Rachel Rhodes as the main model for his book. Rachel looks more like the girl next door than a high fashion model and this makes her far more relatable to the average woman. It is also very interesting to see just how different she looks with each "look" and how striking she can be with a touch of Ikko's magic.


What I also like about the book are the product recommendations. For those on a budget, Kirei no Mahou has a small section on affordable makeup products all under 2000 yen. If NARS is too expensive for you, Ikko suggests trying one of Love Clover's blushes. You don't need to spend a lot of money in order to own quality beauty products.


Overall, Ikko's Kirei no Mahou is a nice introduction to makeup and skincare beauty. Ikko's tips and suggestions are very helpful and most of the products he recommends are very accessible. If you are looking for more specific makeup techniques and advanced makeup application, this is probably not the book you are seeking. But if you're completely new to makeup and want to get your feet wet, Kirei no Mahou might be the right beauty guide for you. I purchased my book through Amazon Japan but you may also find Kirei no Mahou at your local Japanese bookstore. 1400 yen including tax.

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