Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Parado Sakura Veil Lip N


Parado is a budget beauty brand sold in 711 convenience stores across Japan. The cosmetics brand includes point makeup, base makeup, and lip care items. I recently got my hands on Parado's Sakura Veil Lip N which is a moisturizing chapstick containing cherry blossom extract (for hydration), ginseng extract (to moisturize), and vitamin E to protect the lips.


Sakura Veil Lip N comes in a pretty pink case. The chapstick itself is pale pink as well and tiny pink sparkles give it a pearly shine on the lips. Some people have mistakenly assumed that it is a tinted chapstick but Lip N is completely sheer. The product is fragrance-free but does smell of cherry blossoms due to the cherry blossom extract. While it does not heal cracked lips nor provide the kind of protection that Shiseido's Ferzea Lip and TIFFA's Treatment Lip Balm offer, it is very moist and hydrating. You also can wear it over a matte lipstick to give your lips a little shine. But the main appeal of Sakura Veil Lip N is that it is a cute product that comes in an even more adorable container. There are many other lip care items out there that perform better at a lower price and I can only recommend this product for its packaging. 730 yen, tax included.

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