Monday, 2 February 2009

Charley Hot Milk Bath

At my local ITS'DEMO yesterday, I purchased two Charley bath additives and a Noble Eclat palette. I have used Charley's bath products in the past but have never reviewed them before. Charley is a Japanese "lifestyle" products company that carries bath and aroma products, tea and coffee, and zakka. Their products are usually simple in design but cute and make great gifts. Their bath additives are their feature item and come in many different scents and forms.

近くのITS'DEMOCharleyの入浴剤二つとノーブルエクラ アイパレットを買いました。Charleyのバス用品は色々使ったことあるのですが、レビューは書いたことありません。Charleyは日本の生活雑貨で色々な入浴剤やアロマ商品、お茶とコーヒー、雑貨などを作っています。デザインは大体シンプルですが可愛いのでいいおみやげになります。入浴剤は一番メインのアイテムで色々な香りや形があります。

The Hot Milk Bath additive comes in a pouch containing chamomile, honey, and Coix lacryma-jobi (Job's Tears). Just like you would with a tea bag, you let the pouch soak in your bath water for several minutes and take it out when you're ready to get in. Although the Hot Milk Bath does not leave your skin as moisturized or hydrated as bath additives in powder or liquid form, it is still relaxing and has a faint, pleasant smell. The real draw is the packaging, however, and it makes a nice little gift. One pouch costs 130-140 yen.


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