Saturday, 7 February 2009

SUQQU Contour Shadow EX-02 Kasumizakura Review

On Friday, I acquired SUQQU's new Contour Shadow in EX-02 Kasumizakura (misty cherry blossom). I'd never purchased a contour shadow before but as soon as I saw photos of SUQQU's limited edition Kasumizakura in MAQUIA, I had to have it. The shadow is applied to the eye bone region to highlight and "contour" the eyes. However, depending on the shade, I think that it can also be used as a blush.


The contour shadow contains a mix of contour pearls and clear-pink pearls with the faintist hint of a glimmer. The Kasumizakura shade is a very pale pink, almost white, and mostly likely will not show unless you have light skin. The shadow diffused the redness on my face and gave it a bit of an air-brushed look. The brush that came with the shadow was very soft although the shadow wouldn't really stick to it. The powder itself was fine and blended well into my skin. If you are going for a more polished look, the contour shadow might be the product for you. There are five different shades available and I only recommend EX-02 Kasumizakura for very pale skin.


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