Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Maquillage Oil Blotting Paper

A couple of weeks ago I received Maquillage's oil blotting paper pack. There are two different types of Oil blotting paper ("aburatorigami"). There is the thick, hard type such as Shiseido's Pureness oil-control blotting paper, and then there is the thin, soft type more common among Kyoto brands, such as Yojiya. The Maquillage oil blotting paper is of the soft, thin variety. While thin oil blotting paper tends to be more smooth and gentle on the skin, it also tears easily. Maquillage's paper is surpringly sturdy and has the same level of quality as Yojiya's reknown blotting papers. I'm not sure exactly how many sheets are in the pack but I'm estimating there are about 100 sheets.



Eka said...

The packaging is really cool. I thought it was a piece of artwork at first. I noticed that Maquillage is into, somewhat, geometric type, of packaging. Really cool... :) Thanks for sharing En. I wish we had more Maquillage prods here.

En エヌ said...

Yes, they're very into mod design.

I don't think the oil blotting paper is actually for sale. It's usually included as a freebie. When the weather gets warmer though, maybe Maquillage will make it a regular product.

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