Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Ferzea HA Cream

Shiseido's Ferzea HA Cream is a medicinal cream for dry, irritated skin and keratosis on the fingers and heel. It has a mix of urea (20%), vitamin E, dipotassium glycyrrhizinate and sodium hyaluronate. Like most ferzea products, it contains no artificial dyes or fragrance.


The cream is light, dries quickly and acts right away. It left my fingers smooth and wasn't nearly as greasy or sticky as Ferzea's Hand Veil. However, I noticed that the fingers on my left hand occasionally stung or itched after using the cream and I wonder if it was a reaction to the urea. The cream also didn't last as long or protect my skin from water as well as Hand Veil did, although each cream serves a different purpose. HA cream is for spot-treatment while Hand Veil is for general use on the hands and body. If you suffer from keratosis, HA might be the short term solution for you while Hand Veil would better serve those with eczema. The retail price for Ferzea's HA is 1680yen without tax.



Jess said...


Do you where I might be able to find that in the US? I found some sites online that sold it, but shipping from Japan is crazy expensive. I'd appreciate it!! Thanks.

sex life said...

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