Monday, 23 February 2009

Maquillage Nail Care

There are two nail care items in Shiseido's Maquillage point makeup line: the Nail Esthelist (pink) and the Nail Protect & White (white). Although pink in the bottle, the Nail Esthelist is an oily essence that applies clear and used to treat dry, brittle nails. After applying the product, you should gently massage the outer edges of your nails, making small circles while lightly rubbing the liquid in. My nails were left both smooth and shiny after I used the Esthelist. Because the Nail Esthelist is clear and not an actual nail polish, those (men especially) who are too shy to wear nail polish protectant can use it to protect and care for their nails without having to feel embarrassed about it. The essence also has a pleasantly sweet, non-chemical smell.


The Nail Protect & White is a nail polish that protects, reinforces, and strengthens. It leaves a pearly white but mostly transparent finish that helps hide yellow in the nails while still leaving them looking natural. While it can be worn alone, the Protect & White can also be used as a base coat for other nail polish. I've been wearing the protectant by itself and my nails look clean, healthy, and shiny. Both the Nail Esthelist and Nail Protect & White are about 1000 yen each and can be purchased at any beauty shop or drugstore carrying Maquillage.


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