Thursday, 26 February 2009

Maquillage's Lasting Liquid UV Foundation Review

Maquillage's Lasting Liquid UV, like the Powdery foundation, is SPF25 PA++, comes in eight different shades, and is supposed to last at least 8 hours. The sample I received was OC02 and came with the Styling Keep Base UV and a sponge for application.

マキアージュラスティングリキッドUVはパウダリーのファンデーションみたいにSPSPF25 PA++で8色あり、それで8時間も持続するらしいです。貰ったサンプルはまたOC02でスタイリングケープベースUVとスポンジが付いていました。

Like before, the makeup base ended up drying my skin so after applying the liquid foundation, the dry patches on my cheeks became visible. The coverage was medium, perhaps a little lighter than the powder foundation, but still even and quite nice. Lasting Liquid UV was on the yellow side, though lighter than Lunasol's OC2 but perhaps not quite as smooth or hydrating. The real problem with both Maquillage's Lasting foundations is the makeup base that is suppose to accompany them. A different base would probably improve the performance of the foundations. I am pleased, however, with how Maquillage has recognized the need to expand their foundation shades to accommodate different skin tones but I wish they could consider adding more PK shades. 4,200 yen, sponge not included.


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