Thursday, 26 February 2009

Maquillage's Lasting Powdery UV Foundation Review

Maquillage has released two new "Lasting" foundations for this spring: the Lasting Powdery UV and Lasting Liquid UV. Both foundations are SPF25 PA++ and should last at least eight hours before wearing off. The foundations come in eight different shades: BO (Beige Ochre)00, BO10, BO20, OC (Ochre)10, OC20, OC30, and PO (Pink Ochre)10.

マキアージュは春のために新しい「ラスティング」ファンデーションを2つリリースしました:ラスティングパウダリーUVとラスティングリキッドUV。両方もSPF25 PA++で8時間もくずれないらしいです。ファンデーションは8色あります: BO (ベージュオークル)00, BO10, BO20, OC(オークル)10, OC20, OC30, and PO (ピンクオークル)10です。

The Lasting Powdery UV sample I received came in OC02 which seems to be the standard sample color. Unfortunately, I'm probably closest to a BO00. The sample also came with the Styling Keep Base UV makeup base which is SPF24 PA++ and designed for all-year-round use. The base is a pink lotion that helps smooth the skin for foundation application. However, it actually dried my skin a bit and negatively effected the performance of the foundation. It also had a strong powdery fragrance.

貰ったラスティングパウダリーUVのサンプルはスタンダードのサンプル色OC02でした。残念ながら自分に一番近い色はBO00です。サンプルにどんな季節でも使えるスタイリングケープベースUV SPF24 PA++も付いていました。スタイリングケープベースはピンクのローションで、ファンデーションのために肌をなめらかにするものです。でも私の肌を少し乾燥させて、それはファンデーションのパフォーマンスに悪影響を及ぼしました。それから強いパウダー用の香りが付いていました。

The Lasting Powdery foundation applied evenly but the dry patches on my skin were evident, probably due to the makeup base. The OC02 was actually lighter in color than Lunasol's OC2, though still a bit orange-yellow, and provided medium coverage. The lasting power was quite good and the powder was fine but not quite up to the quality of Lunasol's foundation. However, Maquillage's foundation is more affordable than many department store brands and comes in more shades and skin tones. 3360 yen, case and sponge not included.


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