Thursday, 19 February 2009

Facial Yoga with Fumiko

Facial Yoga instructor Fumiko Takatsu appeared on last week's episode of OneēMANS . She introduced facial exercises combined with traditional yoga postures to tighten the face and strengthen muscle. According to Fumiko, we only use 20% of our 60 different facial muscles which is why our face begins to sag as we age. By doing simple facial exercises daily, you can reduce neck fat, add more symmetry to your face, and slow down the aging process.


What impressed me most with Fumiko was that, not only she did seem to lack a single ounce of fat on her face and looked quite youthful for her age, she was able to move all sorts of facial muscles that I didn't even know you could control. In addition to face-firming tools and how-to books, Fumiko has her own facial yoga DVD that can be purchased online or at health and beauty stores, such as Loft.


The Facial Yoga DVD comes with a large, compact mirror so you can watch your facial expressions as you work out. The DVD is divided into 3 parts: 1. Facial Yoga 2. Facial Yoga Body Plus 3. Facial Yoga Let's Dance! The first part contains all of the basic facial exercises and lasts about 13 minutes. The second part, which is almost 15 minutes long, combines the facial exercises with traditional yoga poses and mat exercises. The final part combines facial exercise with yoga and standing exercises. I'm not sure why it's called Let's Dance! as it doesn't involve much dancing but it does require more body movement than the first two sections of the DVD. Altogether, the DVD is almost 50 minutes long.

フェイシャルヨガのDVDには、運動をしながら顔の表情を見ための大きいコンパクト鏡が付きます。DVDが3つのパートに分かれています: 1. フェイシャルヨガ 2. フェイシャルヨガ・ボディプラス  3. フェイシャルヨガ・レッツダンス! パート1は約13分でベーシックの顔エクササイズ、表情筋トレーニングだけです。次のパートは15分近く、顔のエクササイズをしながら伝統的なヨガのポーズとマットの運動をします。ラストのパートは顔のエクササイズとヨガと立ち運動。あんまりダンスが入っていないので、なぜ「レッツダンス!」と名付けたのか分かりませんが、パート1と2より身体を動かしたりします。DVD全体は50分くらいです。

The facial exercises may seem incredibly silly but that is what makes them fun. If they weren't silly, you would probably lose interest. My favourite facial yoga expression would have to be the "Yummy-Face" which reminds me of Fujiya's Peko-chan." The body movements and yoga postures are quite simple. If you've had some experience with yoga, the exercises are even easier to pick up. Although the DVD is very easy to follow, it could benefit from a glossary or a small pamphlet explaining the facial exercises in detail and what specific muscles they work. Sometimes the sound effects are a little annoying but otherwise, it is a nice product.


Although I only started the exercises a few days ago, I already think that my face is a little thinner and more symmetrical though this may be wishful thinking. Even so, I certainly feel my face and neck muscles working and I enjoy the exercises. Keep in mind, I do the full 50 minute facial yoga in addition to my daily 1 to 1.5 hours of exercise. Facial yoga is not body intensive and should be a supplement to and not replace your regular exercise. Fumiko also teaches classes in the US and Japan, although I imagine it is very difficult to reserve a spot due to her soaring popularity right now. The DVD is 3990 including tax.



Eka said...
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Eka said...

Sorry I had to delete my earlier comment. I had to edit it. Anyway, that Facial Yoga exercise dvd is very interesting. I remember my teacher in Personality Development taught us a couple of Facial exercises too. I hope I could get a copy from Amazon Japan. Is it that easy to understand even if you understand little Nihongo?

En エヌ said...

Yes, it's very easy to follow. You might have some difficulty memorizing the names of the exercises but otherwise, the language shouldn't be a problem.

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