Tuesday, 3 February 2009

ITS'DEMO Noble Eclat Palette in Brown

In addition to carrying makeup products from Revlon, Susie NY, Fiberwig and many other cosmetic companies, ITS'DEMO puts out its own makeup. This season, ITS'DEMO released a line of eye palettes and a blush and eye palette called "Noble eclat." The Noble eclat eye palette contains 5 eye shadows, 3 highlighters and comes in three different shades: Brown, Pink Silver, and Bordeaux Gold. The Noble Eclat Blush and Eye Palette comes in one color and features two different blushes and six eye shadows. Since I was looking for something earthy and green in particular, I purchased the Brown Noble Eclat Eye Palette.

Revlon、 Susie NY、 Fiberwigや様々なコスメ会社の化粧品をお店で売っていますが、ITS'DEMO自分のメークを出しています。今シーズンITS'DEMOは「ノーブルエクラ」というアイパレットとブラッシュアンドアイパレットのラインをリリースしました。ノーブルエクラアイパレットにはシャドウ5つとハイライト3つが入っており、3カラーあります:ブラウン、ピンクシルバーとボルドゴールド。ノーブルエクラのブラッシュアンドアイパレットにはブラシ3つ、シャドウ6つが入っていて、カラーは一つしかないのです。アーストーン、特に緑が入っている物を探していたので、ブラウンのノーブルエクラアイパレットを買いました。

While the shadows look beautiful in the case, they are a bit rough and somewhat sheer, though comparable to Kanebo Kate and Shiseido's Majolica Majorca's more recent eye palettes. They have a slight shimmer to them and the lightest colors, the highlighters and golds, seem to perform the best. The green was actually darker upon application and not as stunning as it looked in the case. The wine colored eye shadow was more of a brown and less brilliant. The lasting power was typical of most drug store eye shadows. The case is quite lovely and what drew me to the palette in the first place so it's unfortunate that the shadows are not as wonderful. Still, the palette only cost 890 yen so I am not that disappointed. ITS'DEMO got the colors and the packaging right. They just need to work on the performance of their eye shadows.



Eka said...

I'm definitely picking this up when I order from jpmon. I just hope they have it there. I want to try affordable cosmetics first. Plus the packaging is pretty... hehe

En エヌ said...

Thank you for commenting.

Yes, the packaging is why I bought it.

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